gbla usage

    gbla - Linear algebra for Groebner basis computations

    gbla [options] [file..]

    Computes Gaussian Elimination of a structured hybrid sparse-
    dense matrix coming from Groebner basis computations.

    -b          Dimensions of a block in submatrices.
		Default: 256.
		NOTE: The block dimension must be a multiple of __GB_LOOP_UNROLL_BIG
		      which is by default 64. You can reset __GB_LOOP_UNROLL_BIG in
		      src/ (you need to rebuild the library afterwards).
    -h          Print help.
    -f          Free memory on the go.
		Default: 1, memory is freed on the go.
		Use 0 for keeping complete memory until the end.
    -n          Use the new format for matrices.
    -p          Writes intermediate matrices in pbm format.
    -r          Compute a REDUCED row echelon form.
    -s          Splicing options:
		0: standard Faugère-Lachartre block method,
		1: A and C are multiline, B and D are blocks.
		Default: 1.
    -t THRDS    Number of threads used.
		Default: 1.
    -v LEVEL    Level of verbosity:
		1 -> only error messages printed
		2 -> some meta information printed
		3 -> additionally meta information printed
		Note: Everything >2 is time consuming and slows down
		      the overall computations.